Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sitting Room Makeover

Good Evening everyone,

Glad you are taking the time to stop by on my blog once again. Sorry I haven been MIA, but during the semester I am always "in the zone" and most of my time goes into getting assignments done and studying. I do try to find a balance between my husband, my fur babies, staying fit and getting some projects done. I do still have a lot of projects in and around our house I am planning on blogging about so stay tuned. Also if there is something you would like me to specofically blog about shot me a message! I am also thinking about branching out into healthy lifestyle posts. Anyway I'm getting a little off topic. So like the heading suggests this post is about our sitting room. Whenever my family from Germany visits they always ask if we really use our "sitting room" at all and I can honestly say we do! I love having my morning coffee sitting on the couch enjoying the silence of the morning. When the weather is bad it's the perfect hangout space to just have tea and talk and of course on the rare occasion that it gets "colder" here in San Antonio the fireplace does help make it cozier. Like everything else in the house when we moved in, the sitting room was a beige as well. Of course knowing me you can probably guess what color I wanted to paint it? Exactly! White! I am all about the true shabby look and just feel you will get tired of any other color. I know gray is all the hype right now, but to me it feels so much colder than white. Call me weird :) 
Anyway, you might have seen the blog post about our kitchen and the wall color? My husband was trying to convince me that it would look more like one room if that color would just flow from the kitchen into the sitting room. So as he got all "interior decorator" on me I gave in :) who could say no to them puppy brown eyes of his. Plus he always helps me paint (ok yes he does most the hard work I do the edges with the little edger thing) so I knew if I didn't like it, I could always repaint. 
So here is a before picture with carpet and all. This was taken during Christmas time. Don't want you to think my house has lights up all year long :) 

Though people tell me they do also like the before, I just feel like it is way too much beige EVERYWHERE! 
I wanted it to be a little more "fresh" looking. Just lighter, less dark. So like I said, I have in to my husbands wish and we went with the Winter Fresh Color on the walls which I actually love with the new flooring. So here's a picture of the after: 

I do still want to change out the coffee table, but I feels like I have so many other projects to finish and so our own furniture always has to wait the longest. Seem like our kitty is mighty comfortable in the new space as well :) I will try and get up a more recent picture of the room. Still I hope you can see a difference and more importantly an improvement. 
Before I forget, not sure if you noticed, but I also painted and stained the ceiling fan. Now you all know the blades are usually not real wood, so here's a before 

Jip, don't you hate that gold? So I painted it off white and used General Finishes Java Gel Stain on the blades which made the "wood grain" still show through :) 

Here's a close up of the blade so you can see it a little better

Pretty, right? That's so awesome about this stain, you can use it on laminate and make something look like a thousand bucks. That's it from me, hope you liked it and feel free to ask questions :)

Have a great weekend everybody! 


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